1. What is the PAKT Showroom?
The PAKT Showroom is the trading and donation platform for PAKT.  This platform allows PAKT’s Premium members and Charity partners to sell preloved items of clothing, shoes and other accessories.

2. How can I pay for my order?
After the item is put into ‘My Cart’, payment will be taken by credit card or paypal.

3. How do I start selling on the PAKT Showroom?
As a Premium member, the item for sale will be or should be in PAKT storage.  You then mark the item for sale/donation and the PAKT Team will upload the appropriate photographs and you provide the description and other details of the item.

4. How do I become a Premium Member?
In PAKT's policy, you pay as you store. Just by storing one or more items in the PAKT's physical wardrobe, you become a Premium Member. To see the pricing information, click here. To see how PAKT works, click here.

5. How do I pay for my collections/deliveries?
Delivery in Hong Kong can be made by: S.F. Express, HK Post or PAKT delivery. 

6. Do you provide international delivery?
Yes, if overseas, item will be marked gift and sent via courier at buyer’s cost.

7. When will I receive my order? 
Depending on the mode of delivery, order will be received accordingly from same day to 4 days in business days (Monday to Friday).

8. Can I track the delivery my order? 
Yes, you can check on S.F. Express’s website with the tracking number and for PAKT Deliveries, call +852 3462 9550 for more details.

9. Do you have a sizing guide? 
Yes, you can find the sizing guide here.

10. What if the item doesn't fit? 
As a Free member, there are no returns while a Premium member can return the item within 7 days.

11. Can I cancel my order? 
Once the order is placed, you may cancel your order anytime by email within 12 hours. Once the order is shipped, you cannot cancel it.

11. Can I get a refund If I don't like the item after it arrives? 
Refund is not available, but if you are a premium member, you can sell it through The PAKT Showroom.

12. Can I exchange an item with another item? 
We do not accept exchanging an item. You may return the item within 7 days as a premium member.

13. I forgot my password, how do I log in? 
There is a button on the log in page that can help you reset the password. 


If you have any questions that are not covered here please contact members@pakt.hk or call 3462 9552 for membership services;
or info@pakt.hk or call 3462 9555 for sales enquiry.


These FAQs are provided as guidance only. Please refer to our detailed terms and conditions for any contractual responsibilities between PAKT and paying members.