We want to fix Hong Kong's wardrobe problems.

The Showroom is part of our solution.

We wear less than 20% of what we own. What happens to the other 80%?

Wardrobe space is expensive and unused clothes still take up space. We help people in Hong Kong who not only have issues with limited wardrobe space but need help in caring for their clothes We also want to do something with this mountain of unloved clothes. By launching The PAKT Showroom, we are providing an easy way to sell or donate your clothes. Watch this space as we also want to create a sharing platform.


Reorganising your wardrobe is no fun, so we are making sure it’s really easy.

The PAKT Showroom is a user friendly site that allows anyone to browse and buy but only allows PAKT Premium Members to sell or donate their preloved fashion. Just set a price, tell us something about the item and we will do the rest. We especially like to hear quirky stories about where you travelled, what you bought and why you loved it. PAKT collects, photographs and delivers the item. International shipping is available upon request but will incur extra costs. We will soon have a great drycleaning partner and together will strive to help you clean, store, mend and restore anything. Or at least we will try our best...


PAKT cares about charities and we know that our Customers and Supporters do too.

That's why we are partnering with Hagar International to support their wonderful work. We want to work with other charities too. When you sell your preloved fashion, you can either save the proceeds for that special purchase or donate some or all of the proceeds to one of our partner charities. Don't forget that most charities prefer a monetary donation rather than gifts in kind as there are customs restrictions in certain countries in the Middle East and Asia on importing clothes.

Start Today and Declutter your Wardrobe

Joint PAKT and get your digital wardrobe, a Wardrobe on Demand.