MRS WHITE'S - Crease Decrease (Crease Removing Spray) 250ml

HKD 199.00

Brand Mrs White's


  • Scent: Grapefruit and Geranium

Put the iron away!

Creased clothes are almost unavoidable after any journey, packed tight into a suitcase. Even after a short car journey a clothes can be ruined by the seat belt alone.

If there’s no iron to hand or you simply don’t have the time, pop Mrs White’s Crease Decrease in your bag, an indispensable travel product that will rid you of your creases and refresh your clothes in moments in just three easy steps:

- Simply hang creased garments or lie flat and spray until slightly damp.

- Smooth away the creases by pulling and stretching the garment to remove the creases.

- Leave garment hanging to dry and voila – your clothes are crease-free.